Morning Food Association, September 23

Good Morning B2Bers, and welcome back to another rendition of Food Friday MFA!

I am indeed your host, Carvinbass18, and this Friday were going to talk about another Bruin as food. This weeks Bruin is the perfect complement to Patrice Bergeron as a food and as a player: Brad Marchand. Now if Bergy is Mac & Cheese, what does that make Brad? Well my good audience, that would make #63 Buffalo Chicken. Absolutely amazing dishes on their own, but combined and you have a super power that is bar none impossible to beat. Now too, you’re taking a risk with the heat from the Buffalo Chicken, as you might get burned, but you get the same thing with Marchand taking bad penalties at times. My favorite recipe can be found here for making good quality buffalo chicken (only difference is that I add 1 teaspoon of cumin to my sauce, gives it some smokey flavor too). As with Bergy and his food-part Mac & Cheese, Marchand in food form is also just as good in all situations. A perfect one – two punch. Marchand and Bergeron. Mac & Cheese with Buffalo Chicken.


What do you think?

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