Morning Free Association, Happy Canadian Thanksgiving

Normally, we would get a manatee game, but with the delayed start of the season due to the WCH, we get a hockeyless day of reflection.

On Saturday night, Bruins center Austin Czarnik was subject of a headshot by the Flyers defenseman Radko Gudas in the third period of the Bruins’ final preseason game. Czarnik was noticeably dazed, taking a few moments before getting to his feet to get off the ice. The results were a concussion for Czarnik and a two-minute Boarding penalty for Gudas. The Flyers defenseman avoided a hearing and suspension for a similar hit on Jimmy Vesey earlier in the week. Apparently, Vesey turned into the hit. Since the onus is always on the player being hit, not on the person with the shoulder cocked for contact, it required no hearing.

Gudas waived his right to an in-person hearing with the Department of Player Saftey but is expected to get no less than a five-game suspension.

While I’m glad that the DoPS is actually going to do something about this particular hit, I feel like maybe, just maybe, if players regularly were suspended for making these questionable hits rather than cherry-picking on a case-by-case basis, we could probably get headshots out of the game someday.

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