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RIP General Fanager 5/2015-10/2016

This week, we lost another member of our community. By ‘our community’, I mean another sports website.
Those of us who visit are now greeted with the following message.

A message to our fans:

General Fanager is shutting down.
It is with sadness that we close the doors to this incredibly fun passion project. We launched General Fanager in May of 2015. Along the way, we have come to serve and get to know an incredible base of users that we will greatly miss.
For anyone that ever helped with the site, from those that pitched in on busy days, to those that reported site errors, or helped track down details, or those that promoted our work, or just simply those that routinely typed into their address bar: Thank you.

– Tom Poraszka
Founder, General Fanager

Alas poor GeneralFanager!
I knew it, Horatio. A site of infinite numbers, of most excellent formulas. It hath borne my arguments on its back a thousand times, and now how abhor’d in my imagination it has become.
My gorge rises at it. Here hung those links that I have clicked I know not how oft. Where be your figures now?


As you may remember, the hockey world – and the sporting world in general was reeling early last year when salary cap management site CapGeek closed it’s virtual doors. CapGeek was the most reliable source for salary cap information for the NHL as well as the NFL. It was the product of Metro Halifax sports reporter Matthew Wuest, who was the collector of the salary cap information at the site, and had to retire as he was suffering from an extended illness. (He passed away on March 19th 2015)
By this time, CapGeek had become the go-to site for sports contract and salary information. It’s demise left a giant chasm in it’s wake. Several sites emerged, trying to fill the void, most notably,
SpoTrac , and NHLNumbers

Fortunately the reason for Fanager shutting down is a much more positive one. Site manager & creator, Tom Poraszka has been hired away – by the Las Vegas AnonymousKnights.
On Monday, Las Vegas franchise owner Bill Foley:


announced that Poraszka would be hired as a Hockey Operations Analyst
Seemingly, Las Vegas GM George McPhee wants to leverage Poraszka’s encyclopedic knowledge of NHL salary cap and expansion draft rules, as well as his ability to create analysis tools such as the armchair-gm tools formerly found at ‘fanager.

Hiring analysts from the webiverse (hey, it’s a perfectly cromulent word) for analytics work is becoming commonplace in the NHL. You might remember that we have lost analytics site when founder Darryl Metcalf was hired by the Toronto Maple Leafs and WarOnIce shut down due to the Minnesota Wild hiring of founders Andrew Thomas and Alexandra Mandrycky, and site-I-never-used,, was yanked as founder Tyler Dellow was hired by the Oilers.

This begs the question – what are the Boston Bruins doing about exploiting analytics and fancystats? Well, I’m hearing that renowned technophile, Jeremy Jacobs has found a high-profile analytics guy to add to the Bruins staff (shown below, planning the Bruins 2016 defensive strategy)


And what are the pay and benefits?
I’m asking for umm…. a friend…

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