Bruins @ Red Wings Game Thread: The First Inning

It seems the Bruins don’t like to play this game called hockey so tonight I’m going to try an experiment to kick start this team.  Tonight, Bruins, you are going to pretend you’re playing baseball!  Goals will be called runs, shots will be called hits, assists will be called RBIs, and penalties will be called errors.  Got it, Bruins?  Good.  Now onto tonight’s match up:


The Boston Bruins take on The Detroit Red Wings.  The Red Wings are looking to extend their win streak to seven games while the Bruins are simply looking for a win. David Pastrnak is out of the lineup due to his two game suspension while Tuukka Rask could be coming off DL and slotted back into the rotation.


Tonight’s starting lineups:
First Base: Marchand—Bergeron—Heinen
Second Base: Spooner—Krejci—Czarnik
Third Base: Beleskey—Nash—Hayes
Shortstop: Schaller—Moore—Acciari

Right Field: Chara—Carlo
Center Field: Krug—McQuaid
Left Field: Liles—C. Miller

Starting Pitcher: Tuukka Rask
Bullpen: Zane McIntyre

Fist Base: Nyquist–Nielsen–Larkin
Second Base: Tatar–Zetterberg–Abdelkader
Third Base: Athanasiou–Helm–Sheahan
Shortstop: Miller–Glendening- Ott

Right Field: DeKeyser–Green
Center Field: Ericsson–archenko
Left Field: Smith–Sproul

Staring Pitcher: Jimmy Howard


Grab some peanuts and Cracker Jacks and let’s play ball!

(One quick note, Bruins:  Don’t actually swing for the fences tonight.  Hitting one out of the park will result in an error.  A line drive up the middle to bring in the run will do just fine.)

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