The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly, Volume II: Bruins Hockey from 10/30-11/5

Anyone seen this guy lately?

The Bruins went 2-1 this week, ending a three-game win streak at home against the Rangers.

We’ve got some good and bad points to make about the last week in Bruins hockey.


  • David Krejci. Heaven help us. No gif for this, luckily, because I don’t want to see it again.
  • The power play has continued to be so lethargic at best. In fact, the Bruins allowed the Rangers to score two shorthanded goals at the Garden Saturday night.
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    THE BAD:

  • The Bruins took an early 1-0 lead on a Brad Marchand penalty shot against the Panthers in Sunrise, but did absolutely nothing in the first period that should have actually earned them the lead. It was brutal.
  • The powerplay continues to be horrifically uninspiring.
  • Against the Lightning, the B’s blew a lead and found themselves in overtime. They did not score in overtime. The game had to be settled with a shootout. Nobody likes that.
  • Matt Beleskey had been enough of a non-factor that he was benched against the Lightning.
  • The shootout, which should never be used to figure out who wins a hockey game, was ten rounds long, and was ended by none other than third line boat anchor right wing Jimmy Hayes.
  • Hayes has also not given Julien a reason to keep him in the lineup, and was benched for the Rangers game Saturday night.
  • Krug and McQuaid. All week.
  • rururty

    Not much here, we’re reaching.

  • They won two games in a row, both over teams in the division, and both of whom are supposed to be significantly better than the Bruins.
  • Tuukka Rask has continued to look pretty solid, with a ten-round shootout win.
  • If nothing else, we can bask in the hilarity that is the Habs losing 10-0… to Columbus.
  • Double-edged sword, here: Danton Heinen was sent down to Providence, but in his last three AHL games, he has two goals and two assists on thirteen shots. He’ll earn another call-up for sure.
  • Brandon Carlo (Brando Carlrissian) continues to shine playing top minutes next to Big Z.
  • David Pastrnak doesn’t seem to have missed a beat after his suspension.
  • David Pastrnak doesn’t seem to be missing the tooth pieces he lost this week, either.

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    The London Bear
    The London Bear

    A mixed bag last week, but a good chance to rack up some big points this week. A busy one with five games but four are against teams who won’t necessarily be expecting to make the playoffs. And a game against through Habs (write yer own punchline!)


    I just want to enjoy some damn hockey tonight. At least Vanek isn’t on the Sabres anymore, that guy has like half his career offense against Boston.