Game thread cont’d: More Blue Jackets at Bruins

The Bruins looked pretty sharp offensively to start off this game.

Brad Marchand pinged a post on a BJs giveaway,
The Jacks followed with a goal, but the Bruins spanked Bobrovsky for 4 goals, chasing him from the net.

Goal scorers were Krug (Krejci, Backes), Beleskey (Czarnik), Czarnik (Nash, Beleskey) and Schaller or probably Hayes, but whatever, scoring is still good (Moore assist)

And nice job by the ref to completely miss one of those goals, requiring Toronto to call down and make them sound the siren to get it reviewed!

The Bruins have already given up two power plays, but killed them both off.
Hopefully they can keep out of the box going forward.

Lets have MOAR HOCKEY!!!

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