Morning Food Association:

Good morning everyone and welcome back to the Morning Food Association!! This is our 8th food and Bruin pairing, hope you all are enjoying this fine B2B original program.

Today we’re coming at you with an in your face player, who brings an in your face food to the table. Matt Beleskey, if you were a food, you’d be Jalapeno poppers. Bringing some heat to the table, this food and Bruins can pack a punch and hurt you if you’re not prepared. A hard nosed player, Beleskey, will hit anything that stands in his way as he drives to the net. While poppers bring a heat that can sneak up on you quickly. A good jalapeno popper recipe can be hard to find, and there are many ways to do them, but this recipe here sounds pretty good to me. Fun twist: Swap out breading them for wrapped in bacon for extra #GRIT.

Who’s got plans for the weekend?


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