Morning Free Association: November 15

It’s not often that you read an apology of sorts on a blog and when it is done it seems that it’s of the type that’s short in the frame of “let’s pretend this didn’t happen”. Noted hockey scout for the Red Line Report, Kirk Luedeke wrote an apology on his own blog for suggesting that Tuukka be traded back in April when the 2015-2016 version of the Bruins collapsed in the last month of the season. While it seems the Bruins fanbase definitely has strong opinions either for or against Rask, it’s good to see someone who had expressed doubt about him can acknowledge his initial overreaction.

It seems that this season’s Bruins rely a lot on Rask, who may or may not be struggling through some sort of chronic injury. While the team is playing better around him, there are still times when goal support is lacking. Tuukka is having his best strongest start ever this season at 10-1; by comparison the other goaltenders are a combined 0-4. On this week’s podcast, we discussed the possibility that Tuukka, while needed, is playing too much this early in the season, especially when it comes to back-to-back games like this week. An overplayed, tired, and drained primary goalie will not help the team in April.

So, is he being played too much?

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