Morning Food Association: November 18

Good morning everyone and happy Friday to you all! Welcome back to this weeks installment of Morning Food Association. This week is a player I’ve had a food for all along. He’s an American hero. Boston’s own baby lion Torey Krug

The all American food to go along with the all American Hero? None other than the all American food, the Cheeseburger. I thought about doing sliders for Krug because small, but no. All American deserves a full honkin burger. Now as
You’re all free to make a burger as you please, but here’s how I like mine. (built from the bottom up)

Mayo / Ketchup
Burger patty stuffed with blue cheese crumbles
Cheddar cheese
Caramelized onion
Fried egg (over easy)

Awww yeah that’s the stuff, now I’m hungry. How do you all like your burgers?


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