Morning Food (coma) Association: November 25

Good morning everyone! I assume you’re all well & either stuffed to the hilt with turkey still or dealing with the normality of a Friday in Canada, Great Britain or wherever you may be. I was thinking about today’s morning food association and thought to myself, “ugh, I’m so full. I don’t want to think about food anymore”. So, I’m looking for your input here today readers! Who’s been the most accurate food association? Who’s the least? Who surprises you the most? Can we forget about how the Bruins collapsed last night?

If you don’t remember who’s who.
Patrice Bergeron = Mac ‘n Cheese
Brad Marchand = Buffalo Chicken
David Pastrnak = Lasagna
Kevan Miller = Crab Cakes
Adam McQauid = Tossed Salad
David Krejci = Tomato Soup
Matt Beleskey = Jalapeno Poppers

What’s on tap today?

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