Morning Free Association: November 30

If you missed last night’s game, you didn’t miss much in the first two periods. However it was the remaining 3 periods (oh, yes, there was a third, a 3-on-3 overtime, and a shootout, which I count as a period) that made it a real game. The third period alone had so much bad officiating that it could have served as it’s own game.

First Period:

Of course the Flyers scored 2 goals on 9 shots.

Second Period:

Third Period:

Holy shit, all the things happened!

Krejci shows he knows how to goal! 1-1.

Brad ties up the game, 2-2.

Tuukka Rask was like this.

Bad officiating resulted in many calls, non-calls, and bogus calls, like a mysterious phantom call on Joe Morrow for holding resulting in a penalty shot opportunity by Voracek. He was denied by Tuukka.

OT and Shootout:

The shootout went many rounds with only Brad netting one allowing the Bruins to stay in it. Eventually, Shayne Gostisbehere trickled one over Rask’s glove for a score.

The Bruins now have their first loser point on the season. Better than no points.

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