Morning Free Association: December 1

Welcome to December! Yes, in just 31 days this miserable, craptastic year of 2016 will be over. Join me in counting down the days.

Now back to business:

  • Forbes has released it’s annual ranking of the net worth of each NHL club. The New York Rangers top the list again this year with Montreal and Toronto not far behind. Boston comes in at 5th on the list.What’s interesting is that 5 of the oldest teams in the NHL are in the top 6 – step back Red Wings – and that Philly is 6th? Really? Yes. they have 90% of the value of the Bruins, but they’re 6th.
  • Don’t forget to sign up for the Bobby to Bergy Secret Santa. I’m sure Sis will remind you again in the comments. AND YOU WILL LISTEN TO HER!
  • Speaking of Sis, I missed this from the other day:mom-and-dad-are-home-2

    I’m sorry I didn’t respond sooner for this accurately describes how I returned:

    Frankie Heck

  • Tonight The Bruins are back at home facing the Hurricanes. Join us for the game thread later on.
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