Merry Xmas & Happy Holidays from BobbyToBergy

Merry Christmas from all of us at Bobby To

The Bruins did a little Xmas shopping for us

They were nice enough to give us holiday presents in the form of David Pastrnak and Frank Vatrano, but we were left wanting in the form of getting only one point out of Carolina. Well, you can’t have everything you want.
You'll shoot your eye out!

Well we don’t have a lot of new content handy, but here’s a Bruins fan favorite from a couple of seasons ago…

We missed the start of Hanukkah yesterday during site upgrades, but it lasts more than one day, so it still counts…

The Bruins didn’t miss it, so enjoy that as well…

And finally, if you celebrate Kwanzaa, enjoy this traditional preparation of the Kwanzaa cake:

AAAAAGGGGGGGHHH!!!!! That’s completely disgusting and hideous!!!
Let’s just go with the family spin. Happy Kwanzaa.

Happy Holidays, Bruins fans!

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