Morning Free Association: January 18

Yesterday, there was a disturbance in the Force. Practice was cancelled. Claude would address the media at 11am. Bruins fans all around were panicked.

It was just normal media availability. Claude expressed his belief in his team.

He expressed that what the team needs is perseverance and commitment to improve. He also stated that winger Matt Beleskey has not been medically cleared for game action.

Later in the afternoon, the New York Islanders canned Jack Capuano. While I was drving and listening to the Sports Hub, the news broke; quite frankly they were pretty much dicks in expressing they wished it had been Claude. Let it be stated loud and clear: if the Bruins decide to fire Claude, as many people are calling for, they might as well admit that they’ve given up this season. This team is not the current season’s version of the Penguins. What this team is is inconsistent. So how do you fix that?

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