Morning Food Association: January 20

Good morning.

As of 9:15pm on 1/19/2017 when I began writing this article, Claude Julien is still the Head Coach of the Boston Bruins. These are stressful times in Boston Bruins fandom with trade talk involving Brandon Carlo, with calls to not fire Claude Julien, and Claudes impending dismissalIs the core flawed? All troubling times.

Today’s morning food association isn’t about a player. It’s about what people eat when they’re nervous or scared. I took a poll of my peers at my office, and 100% of Em and I agree, that chocolate is the best food to eat when stressed out.

The Bruins take on the Chicago Blackhawks tonight at the TD Garden at 7:00pm. Which team shows up tonight?

What’s your favorite type of chocolate?


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