The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly: 2017

Bonsoir, Claude! We hardly knew ye!

It’s been a while, friends, and there have been a few developments.

Let’s get The Good out of the way, as there’s not much to speak of:

  • Recently, the Bruins were finally able to ice a full, uninjured squad, with Beleskey and Liles coming off IR.
  • Colin Miller is developing well, and has shown he’s got a little bit of sandpaper in his game.
  • The Bruins are able to score goals again.
  • Brad Marchand is absolutely on fire, on the ice, and elsewhere. He’s been fairly candid with the media lately, and pretty excellent on social media.
  • eagggg

  • Even when snakebitten, David Pastrnak continues to make good plays.

  • The Bad:

  • Since taking a Roman Josi slapshot to the throat, Tuukka Rask has the worst save percentage in the league at .849.
  • Brandon Carlo has been looking tough lately, possibly suffering from a lack of confidence, possibly tired from playing a LOT. Maybe both. He could probably use a breather on the ninth floor, or seven days and six nights in scenic Providence, Rhode Island.
  • iiiiiiiii

  • I have repeatedly forgotten that Jimmy Hayes is still on this team. It’s not a good sign when you can’t find someone that gigantic, folks.

  • And now, The Ugly:

  • The first of two Detroit games since the New Year. Three goal lead, you say? Not for long…
  • fhfghfhgf

  • The Bruins would probably be in a decent place in the standings had they been able to get goaltending that was even reasonably subpar from well-loved backup Anton Khudobin, who has been brutal this season.
  • Conversely, had the Bruins played remotely well in front of one of the backup goalies this season, they’d also be in a better position to make the playoffs. We can’t just blame the backups for the situation they’re in.
  • The big one: yesterday, the Bruins fired coach Claude Julien. There is, of course, a controversy, as his dismissal was announced on the morning of the Patriots’ Super Bowl parade, and the press conference was scheduled after the parade began. To me, this is not a big deal, but others see it as a slap in the face to literally everybody.

    Have anything good, bad, or ugly you’d like to add? 2017 has certainly been interesting so far.

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    The London Bear
    The London Bear

    Across the Wings and then Hawks defeats, the Bruins trailed for a total of 86 seconds out of 125 minutes and came away with one point. That’s pretty ugly and illustrative of their season, really…

    Satan 81's Sister
    Satan 81's Sister

    I love you Doby but you are breaking my heart this season.


    I just want to hang out with him and have a few beers.