Morning Free Association: Bye Week Madness

How many goals did the Habs score against the Bruins on Sunday?

That’s right, ZERO!
A nice shutout for Tuukka.

Lets show some highlights.

First, there was this fun little altercation

Krug, Shaw and cousin Frodo would receive Five for FIGHTING!

Yeah, you’re damn right!

Tuukka made some nice saves this period, but the scoring opens with a rare Quaider goal from a feed from new guy Peter Cehlarik!

Chara also logged a snazzy goal

Krejci scored a power play goal

The Bruins special teams have really been on fire the last few games.
I mean, geez, check out the power play package on those guys!

And a Frankie V special

How many games do the Bruins play this week?
That’s right, ZERO. It’s the bye week.

I hope you like minor league hockey, because that’s what’s on tap for the week.

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