Morning Food Association: February 17

We’re back!

A new installation of the morning food association beings today, and we’re coming to you live with not a player, not a coach, but a general manager! Today’s food comparison is Boston Bruins GM Don Sweeney, and he will be paired up with Eggs Benedict Arnold Why Eggs Benedict you ask? Well, because Benedict Arnold was a turn coat who betrayed the Colonist in the Revolutionary war and Eggs Benedict has his name in the title. Don Sweeney betrayed the Boston Bruins by giving former head coach Claude Julien permission(!) to speak with the HATED Montreal Canadiens in being their new head coach.

In other NHL news, the Ottawa Senators blanked the Devils last night 3-0, giving them a two point lead over Boston for second place in the Atlantic with still three games in hand (seriously, wtf schedulers). They take on the Toronto Maple Leafs tomorrow, in which a meteor strikes & both teams lose in regulation and get zero points.

I miss hockey. What’s on tap for the weekend?

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