Morning Free Association: February 24

Good morning B2Bers. I struggled all day with a food pairing & honestly, I came up dry.

I did however stumble on a long ago youtube video that I’ve seen now 10 times because it makes me laugh.

So yeah. I’m writing this an hour before the Bruins and Kings face off for their second and last meeting of the season. Boston worked their way to a 1-0 win last time. So I’ve prepared two statements about the game:

WOOO!!! 5-1 in the Cassidy era! Huge goals by [RETRACTED] and a big win by [RETRACTED]


UGH!!! There’s no way that the Bruins are going to make the playoffs now with such poor play from [RETRACTED] and the constant turnovers from [DEFENSE]

The Bruins are back in action on Sunday in Dallas for their third match-up of the season. Current record is 1-1.

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