Morning Free Association: March 23

I’ve been ignoring you this week and I must apologise for that. I’ve had not one, but two catastrophic computer events this week (okay one really bad reset-to-factory-settings and the other denied me access to anything but the internet, which is not handy when you need editing software.) I spent 6.5 hours on Tuesday night backing things up and contemplating using a sledgehammer to my now-useless backup laptop. I’ve been cranky and I hate it when things fail on me.

Speaking of failure: the Bruins have just been unable to get a win or even a call to go their way this week. As of right now (10:38pm Wednesday night), the Bruins have fallen to the 2nd Wild Card slot in the east. The official NHL website has a handy pictogram that shows how the matchups would be if the playoffs started now and it ain’t pretty: The Bruins would play the Capitals in the first round.

The Bruins need a few things:

  • To win all the games now
  • To have Toronto and Ottawa make up their respective games in hand with losses
  • To play better
  • There are probably more things which you state below.

    Sorry, I have to get back to other things.

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