Morning Free Association: March 31

I had every intention of giving a standings update after the game ended for you all, but Toronto had to go and screw it up by playing in Nashville. They are up 2-0 heading into the third period.

Carolina beat Columbus in OT, bringing them within four points of the Bruins and the second wild card position. The Islanders on the other hand, they forgot how to play hockey and started the period by going down 5-0! They managed to put up a three spot, but still lost 6-3. They are six points back. Tampa Bay took care of their business by beating Detroit 5-3, so they’re still only 3 points back as well.

Boston is still in control of their own destiny though, and as long as they keep getting points, we’re gonna be just fine.

Updated this morning. Leafs pulled out a win 3-1 over the Predators (good win for them on the road. …jerks)

Wild card standings:
WC1: Rangers 97pts
WC2: Bruins 88pts
3: Lightning: 85pts
4: Hurricanes: 84pts
5: Islanders: 82pts
6: Flyers: 82pts

Where the hell did the Hurricanes come from???? 7-0-3 in their last 10.
What’s on tap for the weekend?

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