Muppet Free-Association: April 3

The Bruins are riding a fantastic five-game winning streak, including an improbable win over the Chicago Blackhawks yesterday. The team looked beat after playing a second game of a back-to-back on the road less than twenty-four hours after the handily won game against the Florida Panthers.

And that’s great. But what I want to talk about is Noel Acciari.

He scored his second career NHL goal in the same week as his first!

I like this one because I can imagine him saying, “No, really, I got this.”

No word on whether or not this happened again.

But, have you ever looked at Noel Acciari? I mean really looked at him?

Acciari Teenage Riot

He bears a striking resemblance to Sam the Eagle.

Sam The Eagle

How can we not be sure they’re not one in the same? Have you seen them both in the same place?

He wouldn’t be the first Bruin we’ve compared to a Muppet.

Colin Miller

He won’t be the last, either.

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