MFA, Remember the Bruins: April 21

Today’s post is inspired by a conversation I had with Satan81.

Referee Tim Peel has just made another bad call on the Bruins, putting them on the penalty kill for the 3rd time this period.
“Number 63, two minutes, cross checking”
Boos rain down from the rafters, as Bruce Cassidy paces back and forth on the bench, shaking his head in disbelief as to why this crew can’t make a call right
“Let’m play!” Cassidy exclaims. A “bull shit” chant now rings throughout the packed house at the TD Garden.
Eric Furlatt gives a sly look towards the Bruins bench, making eye contact with assistant coach Joe Sacco.
“FURLATT!”, Sacco yells out, skating over to the bench the veteran ref reaches the side boards to communicate with Sacco.
“I know all about it”, Sacco speaks softly, with authority.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about”, Furlatt responds slyly.
“You call this game fair, or I’ll take to twitter. I don’t care if I go down with you”.
“You’ll still lose this series”
“Okay”, as Sacco gives him a pat on the shoulder sending Furlatt back to center ice.
Sacco turns back towards the center of the bench to address his team
“All right!” he calls out to get everyone’s attention. “Now, I don’t want Karlsson to reach the blue line. You hit him All Night! If you don’t finish your check I will put all of you on the bench! He needs to remember, forever, the night he played the Bruins!”

“Let’s win game 5!”

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