Morning Free Association: April 27

Let’s look at some stuff from yesterday.

  • Did you hear that Jarome Iginla bought a house in Chestnut Hill? Well, apparently he did. Does this mean Iggy wants to come back to the Bruins? Are his children planning on attending university in the Boston area and they want to be together? Does he want to become best bros with Tom Brady? Does he just like Boston? Who knows? Speculate wildly!
  • So, Charlie McAvoy is heading off to play for Team USA in the Worlds.
  • Tuukka was at the Garden last night to witness the Celtics victory over the Chicago Bulls.
  • This is not Bruins related at all. Since some of us are rooting for the still unbeaten Preds for myriad reasons, I thought I would share this wonder that is PK Subban in a post game interview with the dreaded Pierre.
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