Morning Free Association: May The Fourth…

Bruce Cassidy was on Dale & Holley to discuss his newish job and the playoffs.

Pretty much right away, Dale Arnold hit upon the fact that Bruce Cassidy was able to coach up the youth down in Providence with Cassidy explaining that while he had a mixture of young and older guys down in the AHL, he knew exactly what his role was.

Well, I mean, I have to be good with younger players or I would’ve never got out of that league. That’s how you survive you’re down there your job description is you know develop players in a winning environment…

Cassidy attributes his coaching and player development to his own minor-league career and wanting to make sure players got to achieve their own dreams, while knowing that some would never make it to the NHL and some just couldn’t hack it in the minor leagues. He sees the NHL becoming more of a developmental league with players coming up as “unfinished products” because o f salary cap issues and the way the league is trending.

Here’s the audio of the interview if you want to give it a listen. The transcript is kind of hilarious as it is stated to be “Not for consumer use. Robot overlords only. Will not be accurate.”

Ty Andesron also had a column or two or three yesterday. One that was interesting involved comments from the front office on David Backes’ adjustment to a new team and a new city. Hint: there were some difficulties other than the bursitis and the concussion. They expect that next year he will have a stronger season in 2017-18.

Playoffs stuff: The Caps are on the cusp of being pushed out of the playoffs. I didn’t know this until yesterday but the Capitals haven’t won a second-round matchup since 1998. That’s a friggin’ long time.

After the Oilers took the first two games in Anaheim, the Ducks have evened up the series by winning two in Edmonton.

Does anyone care about the Rags-Sens series?

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