Morning Free Association: The Conversation We Should Continue to Have

One series is done and the other three aren’t in a hurry to wrap up. Last night, The Capitals decided that they might want to stay in the playoffs by taking game six to tie the series.

At one point in the game, Sidney Crosby goes down hard into the boards. He seems a little woozy getting up but didn’t go through the concussion protocol despite having just returned from a concussion sustained a week ago. It should also be noted that not only does Crosby have a concussion history up to this season, he started the season out with a concussion obtained during the World Cup.

While no one on the Pittsburgh staff may have felt he needed an evaluation, his crashing into the boards head first increases the likelihood that he could be concussed yet again. Chris Nowinski, head of the Concussion Legacy Foundation, weighed in on his collision into the boards.

Given that it’s the playoffs, one can understand that hockey players will play, no matter the injury, no matter the personal cost. But is it right and should they continue to risk their future health for the a cup win?

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