Morning Free Association: And then there were four

And then there were four. The Ducks take on the Predators tonight at 9pm, then the Penguins and Senators begin their series on Saturday at 7pm.

So, I’ve given some thought to this, and I’ve narrowed it down to four reasons to not root for any of the teams left over.

The Senators: Why is your logo a Spartan? For one, you’re not in Ottawa, you’re in Kanata, and your logo makes no sense in terms of being government based like your name. Become the Kanata Spartans & boom you’ll be fine

The Predators: I have never liked the term “Smashville” plus, ditching the mustard jersey in 2007 was a terrible decision

The Ducks: They’re not mighty any more. How can a team win a Stanley Cup when they’re not mighty? (please ignore 2007, it ruins my narrative)

The Penguins: The Pittsburgh Penguins. The Blackhawks of the east. Pierre’s second favorite team. If somehow Toews & Crosby played the same team, NBC would turn into a quasar. Screw those dumb jerks

Happy playoffs everyone!

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