Morning Free Association: June 1

That game last night was hard to watch, especially when Pekka Rinne allowed 2 goals within 15 seconds. Oh, well.

At long last, we can talk about who won the Bobby to Bergy Playoff Bracket Spectacular.

The Tallest had the strongest first round. Things went south from there, for him and others. Everyone saw their winner crumble in the rounds prior to the conference final round. However, two players had a finalist correct. It was a tough battle to the end with Phony pulling out the win, Bagel Bruin coming in second, and Stripes finishing in third.


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Yeesh. Only two of us picked a team that reached the Conference Finals. (not I)

Satan 81's Sister

Morning all. Been working since 5:30 this morning and have reached my point of being done with people for the day. I want to yell at people “I NEED YOU TO NOT NEED THINGS FROM ME!”

Actually, I want a shirt with that on it. I would wear it all the time.

The Once and Future Bagel Bruin

WOW. I finished second!


Not sure why this MFA didn’t get scheduled. I publish now!