Morning Free Association: Donny & David & Charlie & Anders

So, this happened this weekend:

Yes, that is the real Charlie McAvoy trolling teammate David Pastrnak during a live Instagram video.

He has a point. Pasta had a breakout season despite missing games due to injury and a bogus suspension.

Bruins GM Don Sweeney had some things to say about Pastrnak and other players’ contracts at the NHL Combine on Friday in Buffalo.

“[Pastrnak’s agent] JP [Barry] and I have sat down, we’ve had some good discussions,” said Sweeney. “It’s moving in the right direction. Timeline, I don’t have. But we expect to complete a deal and for him to be a longtime member of the Boston Bruins. That’s our intention.”

By all accounts it sounds like Donny has this one and we hope to hear something soon.

Sweeney also had some thoughts on Anders Bjork signing.

“I’m excited to have him as part of our group and I hope that he turns out to be a hell of a player and I expect him to. His intentions are and were to play for the Boston Bruins,” said Sweeney, who acknowledged the organization never gave Bjork a “drop-dead date” as to when he had to sign.

“It did play out how I kind of thought it might, given the kinds of conversations we had with Anders’ representatives and Anders himself,” added Sweeney. “He wanted to check all the boxes for himself as to what was best for him and what his family and advisors felt would be best for his own professional development.

“School is very important to him and his family. I think I can fully respect that. We did fully respect that. That’s why it wasn’t forced as a drop-dead date of any kind. There was never a timeline placed on when Anders might sign with the Boston Bruins.

“If that had been this time next year, we’d have been equally as happy about it.”

He went on to say that he expects Bjork to compete for a roster spot even though he lacks experience in the NHL.

“We’ll try to spend some time with him in Development Camp with our coaches, with Butch [Cassidy] and Jay [Pandolfo] and Joe [Sacco] because he misses a window of opportunity that [Jakob Forsbacka Karlsson] went through and Charlie [McAvoy] went through.

“Good players determine their trajectory and we hope that he’s one of those players that will determine. The opportunity will be there.”

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The Once and Future Bagel Bruin

My hockey team suffered our worse loss of the season: 7-1. Yikes. Sadly, it eliminated us from the playoffs.

Long-Winded Striped Mofo
Long-Winded Striped Mofo

Sucky way to finish. At least the beer was still cold, right?

The London Bear

Hello folks!

That sounds promising on the Pasta front. Get it done, Sweenius!

Only saw the highlights of Game 3 but it looked like a Keystone Cops performance from the Pens. Hopefully Preds roll with the confidence tho.

Went to see Depeche Mode Saturday night. I’m not particularly a fan but Mrs Bear is and I’ve been dragged along to see them three times now (or is it four!). I’m always up for live music, though and it was my first trip to the Olympic Stadium, so that was cool. Also enjoyed seeing Martin Gore’s impressive collection of Gretsch guitars (me very jealous!).

Been thinking about Bs defence for next year.
Krug-Carlo, Chara-McAvoy, Killer-McQuaid I’d be fine with. Chara can still be effective with his mins cut and McQuaid as a third pair, especially with KM getting up-ice a bit more under Cassidy…

Let’s see what preseason holds!


Still curious what the expansion draft is gonna take from us. One would assume KM or Quaider would be the one to go unless bruins can somehow convince them to take Malcomb Subban.

Satan 81's Sister

Glad you had fun despite events and made it home safe.


Krug-Carlo, Chara-McAvoy, Killer-McQuaid I’d be fine with. Chara can still be effective with his mins cut and McQuaid as a third pair, especially with KM getting up-ice a bit more under Cassidy…

I love the idea of Chara-McAvoy as the 2nd pair, Howeer, if we can change up the 3rd pair to Killer – Chiller, I’d be even happier. McQuaid’s pretty redundant w/ Killer & with Krug boosting McQuaid all year long, he’d be a fine alternative captain choice for the Golden Knights

Satan 81's Sister

Which of McQuaid/Chiller do the Knights take? I was originally thinking McQuaid but now I’m leaning towards them taking Chiller. Or maybe they don’t take either. And damn the NHL for doing the draft during the NHL awards. I DON’T WANT TO WATCH THE NHL AWARDS!

Long-Winded Striped Mofo
Long-Winded Striped Mofo

Hey Pals!
Yay Preds! Keep it rolling!!!
Missed the game as we were in Brigadoon.
Paddled the lower Millers River and it’s tea colored water Saturday. Tea color from cedar swamps, I hope. The Millers has a rapid called “the funnel” that is pretty scary. It funnels you down into hell! One of our friends had a nasty swim there. Very bruise, much hurt!
Jo and I removed that last ceiling – yuck. Lots of nasty stuff up there – you don’t want to know, trust me. Other than that yuckiness, a very pleasant weekend.