Morning Free Association: New Jerseys

Earlier this year, the NHL announced that Adidas would take over jersey manufacturing from Reebok starting in the 2017-18 season. This news sparked a lot of conversation among hockey fans because it each team would only be allowed to have two sweaters, one home and the other away, with the alternate or thirds being abandoned for at least a season. Three weeks ago, reports were that 12 teams would be getting uniform changes that could range from minor tweaks to major logo and design overhauls. Pete Blackburn compiled all of the uniform glimpses that Adidas teased in the “Form the Future” campaign on Twitter yesterday.

For those in the know, this is just moving the jersey from one part of the company to another as Adidas owns Reebok. Honestly, it looks like Adidas has decided to have Reebok focus on other products outside of uniforms judging from the changes in the big four American sports.

Adidas showcased their work during the World Cup of Hockey. The uniforms were designed with special moisture-wicking mesh to regulate body temperatures more easily. No word on whether or not the famous three stripes will be incorporated or if they also control moisture and heat.

So how do the Bruins fit into this? Boston is one of the teams with at least minor design fixes. So what do we know?

Four days ago, a picture was released of part of the front design.

Yesterday, the logo and part of the nameplate were released. As you can see, it looks like the gold yoke is still in place and the material is different. The nameplate is different; the black “double stroke” of the lettering is missing, making it look more similar to that which was on the Men In Black uniform.

Form the Future

Old Nameplate

There isn’t a clear enough picure of the lettering to determine if the font is different or not. I might have to consult a font specialist.

Truthfully, we don’t know much.

The new uniform designs will be released on Tuesday, a day before the NHL Awards.

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