Morning Free Association: The New Jerseys Are Here!

The humongous, big Adidas jersey reveal happened yesterday. People are oohing and ahhing over the new Vegas Golden Knights jersey. I found one part of it particularly enticing.

It looks like there’s something embossed in the gold. I hope that’s the actual design, not just a manipulation of the picture. As for the rest of the uniform

Anyway, around these parts, we care a little bit more about a team that also wears gold, and black, and sometimes white – the Boston Bruins. They also had a new jersey and uniform reveal. It’s largely the same. I’ll allow Pete Blackburn to detail the differences that we hadn’t already covered.

The socks are different in that are similar to the ones worn with the “Men In Black” thirds.


I always like more black.

I’ll only truly get excited when I can have spikes and chains on them or maybe something like this, from an actual conversation in our home last night:

Me: Honestly, I pay so little actual attention to other jerseys that I can’t really tell the difference on most of the new ones. Or I’m too tired. Maybe that’s it, I’m too tired to look at them today. That’s what I’ll say.
Him: They need something. More turtlenecks!
Me: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
Him: More (garbled speech behind the door, this is what I heard) puppynecks.
Me: Puppynecks? What are puppynecks? Oh, they need more puppies!

This is why I will never design a jersey.

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