Morning Free Association: Shipping Up to Boston

This weekend, a few people were talking about David Pastrnak being on his way back to Boston.

First, I saw this one on Saturday morning:

Then a little later on, Ty Anderson also tweeted about the situation.

How do they know? I couldn’t see any social media pointing this out? Do they have people at the airports?

With no word coming from the Bruins, people start looking for anything:

So, apparently there’s no deal yet unless the Bruins are hiding the news in these tweets about Brando Carlo and Tim Schaller at a race in New Hampshire yesterday.

Probably not. Check out that Colorado driver’s license for Carlo. He looks like he’s 10 years old. Oh, right, he’s only 20.

Of course, Dominic Tiano punctuates the importance of getting Pasta’s deal done.

Ryan Spooner is going to ruin everything.

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