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This weekend the Boston Globe was a host of interesting articles on the Bruins, past and present. A couple on Bobby Orr, one on Spooner and his imminent raise, and another on Brandon Carlo.

Remember him? He was the kid who started alongside Zdeno Chara for the better part of 82 games (there was at least one Caps game in which he wasn’t with big Z) at the tender age of 19, then 20 when his birthday rolled around in November. I know that everyone is excited by Charlie McAvoy that Carlo will be overlooked. And there skill sets are not the same, so there is that.

Well, it turns out that his concussion was pretty terrible, as we knew, and that he didn’t really start to feel like himself until a week after the Bruins season officially ended. Since his recovery, though, he has been in Boston for most of the summer, skating and training at the Bruins facilities at Warrior Ice Arena. It looks like he’s preparing himself for the next step.

“For myself, an opportunity opened up at the beginning of the year,” Carlo said. “It was great for me to take advantage of that. I exceeded my own expectations of where I was going to be this year. I’m more confident and ready. We have good youth and good leadership. It should be a really good year.”

Even Don Sweeney thinks that he’ll be receptive to jumping into the offense a little more.

Carlo’s summer prep and first-year experience could give him more confidence to go on the attack. He’s been trained as a shutdown man. But the Bruins believe Carlo’s feet could put him in places up the ice where he was hesitant to tread as a rookie.

Kevan Miller, for example, has progressed to where he’s comfortable slamming down the walls in the offensive zone, where his roughneck approach and power skating make him a threat. Carlo has yet to express his hands, stick, and vision offensively. The wheels are already there.

“I’ve spoken with him about it — to have poise at the offensive blue line,” Sweeney said. “Not just to hurry it down off the boards, but to take the puck and have more confidence when certain things are in motion. Bruce [Cassidy] and his group will encourage that. It’s up to him to have that confidence. But the way he skates, there’s no reason he shouldn’t be more involved.”

We’ll see what Bruce Cassidy and co have in mind in the fall when hockey starts again.

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