Morning Free Association: Spooner or Later

Ryan Spooner is still unsigned for the 2017-18 season. As it stands, if he remains without a contract by Wednesday, he is scheduled to undergo arbitration.

As one might see above, both Brian Dumoulin and Austin Watson were scheduled for today but arrived at deals before the hearing with their respective teams, Pittsburgh and Nashville. Dumoulin received $4.1 million/ 6 years and Watson a 3 year deal at $1.1 million AAV.

From what was reported by Insider Elliotte Friedman, the team and Spooner are pretty far apart on salary, with Spooner’s camp asking for almost twice as much as the Bruins are offering.

There is some hope as arbitrators can determine a lower salary.

As much as I want to believe that Spooner would get closer to $2 million, if the salary soars, there are ways for the Bruins to make him a UFA either right away or within a year.
From CapFriendly, the rules for arbitration under the current CBA:

Arbitration Ruling:

  • Player & Club can settle on a deal at any point prior to the official ruling
  • Once the hearing has taken place, the Salary Arbitration decision must be issued by email within 48 hrs of the closing [CBA 12.9(n)(i)]
  • Arbitration awards can only be 1 or 2 years in length [CBA 12.10(a)&(b)]
  • The party (Player or Club) who did not elect for Arbitration decides on the awarded term [CBA 12.10(a)&(b)]
  • Players who are in their final year Restricted Free Agency are only entitled to a 1 year term.
  • Club cannot walk away from a Club elected Arbitration Settlement [CBA 12.10(e)]
  • Player elected Arbitration Settlements of 1 year & > $4,084,219, Club can walk away from the awarded salary, making the player a UFA [CBA 12.10(a)]
  • Player elected Arbitration Settlements of 2 years & > $4,084,219, Club can walk away from the second (2nd) year of the awarded salary, making the player a UFA at the end of year 1 [CBA 12.10(b)]
  • That’s right, Spooner could be cut loose if he becomes too expensive. You don’t want to see it but with Pastrnak still unsigned and other positions of need remaining, is it worth keeping Spooner around given what we know he is?

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