Morning Free Association – August 4 – Some Like it Tea, Earl Grey, Hot

So Las Vegas is moving ahead with this “hockey” thing…

No, really. They’re totally doing it. They’ve already shown off MAF’s new goalie mask, and had a contest to select Pickard’s new headgear.
I recommend this mask, ‘cuz Vegas:
Sparkly Flapper Mask
Fleury’s new mask is on the Twitter card here:

The village people apparently installed ice at the Golden Knight’s practice arena (City National Arena)

Media were invited, beards were invited, and microphones were waved around.
They’re selling parking passes, and interviewing ice …promo…team…
err, whatever it is that used to be “Ice Girls” but now isn’t and includes dudes and stuff.
They also went to arbitration with one of their players – former Capital, defenseman Nate Schmidt. (The arbiter ruling is expected on Saturday).

And all that activity isn’t them deluding themselves, either. Even the NHL Tonight started speculating about where the VGKs will end up at the end of the season, comparing them to these luminaries:

Can they live up to the high standard set by the 1998 Predators?
In a pig's eye... with mascara.
Sign Pasta.

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