Morning Free Association – August 7 – Whose shoe is this?

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Wait, there’s still hockey?

August continues, with startlingly little hockey.
Most of us spent the weekend at a summer party.
So, mayhem happened.
Someone help me find my contact lens!
If anyone has seen where my goat has gone, let me know. And don’t let her eat anything that isn’t obviously ‘food’.

So what’s happening in hockey?
Well, a lot of fans & pundits are still complaining about the NHL skipping the Olympics.

Those upset include Connor McDavid, and some players – particularly Russians – have chosen to play in the KHL so they can compete in the Olympics.

I can’t say I blame them. Olympic hockey is awesome.
And if the NHL wants to build an audience in China, they shouldn’t be skipping an Olympics that will happen in PyeongChang. The US and Canada seem like they will be hurt the most. I still remember the “Miracle on Ice”, but am not hopeful of the quality of play or ‘Murican chances.

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