Morning Free Association – August 8 – Hockey Photogs, Can We Talk?

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Hey look! It’s a guy holding a hockey stick straight ahead!

Ok, hockey player portrait artists, can we talk for a minute?

I went scanning through the usual hockey internet sites, looking for ideas on what to write about this morning, when I came upon a photo of an NHL prospect. It was the same, exact style of hockey portrait as every prospect seems to have. The player was standing at a distance from the ‘viewer’, pointing his stick forward at eye-level, while he looks at the camera with a sort of tough-guy semi-scowl on his face.

Alright photographers, why do you all seem to think that this pose looks good?

I mean, seriously… if the photo is done well, the picture is in sharp focus on the player’s face, and the stick blade is blurry.
When viewing this photo, I see this as a guy trying to shove his stick blade in my face. It’s obnoxious and faux-aggressive. (Spoiler: If someone actually did this to me in real life, I’d instinctively yank the stick out of his hands and punch him in the face. I feel that I am not alone in this…) And it seems to be a particularly popular shot to share for tiny little centermen who typically avoid contact like the plague. Come on guys, if the player isn’t Sean Avery, then the pose is out of place.

There are plenty of poses that one can use for a photo that look better than this.
There’s the faceoff shot:
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(Dude… wear your shoulder pads next time…)

The big game hunter shot
Glenn Hall, cuz why not?
The clean & press shot
The cup winner shot
You don't have the cup. So Saad.
The “shot out of a cannon” shot

The “hula dancer:”
Anuk-a-nuk-a hu-la-hu-la
The brain surgeon:
Ouch... Ouch-Ouch-Ouch! Ouch-Ouch-Ouch!

Let’s get just a little bit more creative. can’t we?

Sign Pasta.

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