Morning Free Association – August 9

International competition – it’s like another language for relationship building.

That language is apparently not Russian

At the Sochi Hockey Open, the Canadian an Russian national squads had a bit of a disagreement(h/t PuckDaddy)

This was at a pre-Olympic competition where the two national teams and some KHL teams were present. This being the case, I’ll toss ion some other Olympic stuff. I’d thought I was done talking about it for at least a month, but when not in Seoul, do as the not-in-Seoulmans do…

In other Olympics news, WaPo reports that – to no-one’s surprise – Ovi intends to go to the games even if the NHL doesn’t. It’s not the first time he’s said this. Caps owner Ted Leonsis had Ovi’s back in this matter back in December.
Also this week, deputy NHL commissioner Bill Daly told us that AHL players (and other minor-leaguers) on NHL deals would not be able to participate. This is the expected corollary to the AHL announcing that players on AHL-only deals WILL be able to compete in the Olympics.

Also in the news, NBC color commentary man, Eddie Olczyk is beginning treatment for colon cancer. I encourage fans to bury any disdain for Edzo long enough to wish him well.

Sign Pasta.

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