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You never know what you’re going to get when you read an article on MyNHLTradeRumors. Will it be perpetuating garbage? Will it some semblance of truth? Will it just be plain reasonable? In this case, I think it’s the latter.

Apparently NHL Insider Elliote Friedman appeared on NHL Network a couple of nights ago talking about what he’s hearing about contracts for Jack Eichel and David Pastrnak. It sounds like Buffalo is close to deal, potentially getting it done by training camp. With regards to the Pasta-Bruins situation, things are not as close, as we already know.

“What I think here is when Connor McDavid signed his big contract in Edmonton, one agent told me, ‘Look, players are going to understand we’re not as good as Connor McDavid, but maybe we’re not $6 million worse than Connor McDavid.’

“And I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s one of the things that happens here. What the McDavid deal has done is it has raised the bar maybe up a little bit, and a number of players who would be below that are saying, ‘Okay, that raises us up a little bit too.’

“And I wouldn’t be surprised if that contract, like it moved up Draisaitl, it maybe is moving up Pastrnak in his own eyes – and that’s creating a little bit of a problem for the Bruins and the player in getting a deal done.”

So, it sounds like that $6 million per for 6 years was indeed the latest offer by the Bruins. I, like you, cannot understand how that wthis could be, how it’s not the preliminary offer that got shot down in June. It’s completely asinine, not to mention insulting, to offer Youngest David this deal. Yes, Connor McDavid ruined the salary scale for RFAs this season and moving forward. Drasiaitl cashed in and Pastrnak, whose agent was waiting for that deal to drop, is waiting on a deal worth his time. It looks like Pasta might not be signed for less than $8 million.

No wonder why neither side is close. Don’t be stupid, Donny. End our emotional hostage situation. Pay up now.

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