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Still no contract for David Pastrnak. There are some news items, none of them beneficial to the Bruins.

Drew Stafford signed a one-year, one-way deal worth $800,000 with the New Jersey Devils on Friday. He had said he wanted to return to the B’s but understandably couldn’t wait longer on an offer. The veteran right winger joins former Bruins teammate Jimmy Hayes, who signed a a PTO with the Devils last week.

Disenfranchised Avalanche draft pick Will Butcher finally decided on a team yesterday. The first-year defenseman, 22, chose New Jersey as a landing spot after seriously considering joining the Buffalo Sabres, Los Angeles Kings, or the Vegas Golden Knights.

“He wants to play for team that really understands and believes in him as a player and what he can bring to an organization, so it’s weeding out the ones who just kind of want good players since every team needs good players,” agent Brian Bartlett said Thursday. “The second part is which team has the opportunity and resources to give him the best chance to be a long-time professional player. We haven’t been demanding he make the team right out of [training] camp or have a roster spot; it’s about the process over the next couple of years.”

But, there may have been another reason.

Well, this is partially true. As it turns out there are 3 Bartletts that work out of Sports Consulting Group, Inc.: Stephen, and presumably, his sons Scott and Brian. It turns out that Brian is Butcher’s agent. I’m sure that Devils GM may have been able to work with the Bartletts on deals that would be bring both players to Jersey.

It would have been nice for the Bruins to net Butcher, a left shot defenseman who would have come at an entry-level price. Alas, it was not to be. However, the Devils might be fun to watch this season.

Finally, the most puzzling news item: the $42 million offer to Pastrnak. The news first broke with Kevin Paul Dupont of the Boston Globe tweeting that the Bruins offered Pasta $42 million without stating any terms other than the money.

Did they offer him $6 million for 7 years or $7 million for 6 years? At first glance it looked like they might have just tacked on an additional season to the original offer of $36/ 6. As it turns out, that’s pretty much it.

The Bruins have offered Pastrnak $6 million a year long term, leaving it up to him to elect the length — six or seven years. Pastrnak has yet to bite on what would be a guarantee of $36 million or $42 million, his average wage only $125,000 per annum short of Brad Marchand’s deal (eight years, $49 million).

Honestly, it’s an insulting offer. It seems that Sweeney is trying to keep that absurd Drasaitl deal as an outlier and not the new market price for RFAs off their ELC, either of his own will or by the higher powers within the organization. Everyone at this point thinks that Pastrank is worth at least $7 million per, so pay him already.

All is not lost if he doesn’t have a deal by training camp, however frayed Bruins fans nerves may be by that point; the year becomes a lost one if a deal is not reached by 5pm on December 1.

“There is plenty of time between now and then,” said Sweeney. “We will continue to talk. We will find a landing spot. There are deadlines that exist, but I believe it’s a disservice to the player and the team to miss training camp, to be late for training camp, and to start the season. I don’t think anyone recovers the money. I don’t think anybody recovers the lost service time — team or player. It’s been proven. The team gets off to a slow start. It’s just completely disruptive. So my feeling has been all along, we are going to negotiate in complete good faith.”

Yep, it’s going to be a marathon, not a sprint. Rest up, stretch, and prepare for the long game, kids.

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