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So, David Pastrnak will remain a Bruin for the next six seasons.

Pastrnak celebrated with his mom while signing his new deal.

Meanwhile, other things are going on with the team.

The Bruins look to add depth at RW with Teddy Purcell in camp on a PTO. He has New England ties and thinks he can make a difference. Fun fact, he apparently wrangled Torey Krug’s phone number from former Bruin Milan Lucic and that was his in. Now we know how to get to Donny – talk to Torey.

Today being a strength and conditioning day, the players currently in camp did all sorts of feats of strength.

Speaking of Chara, there’s talk of an extension.

Of course, the source on that is Haggs, so who knows if it’s anything other than speculation. Oh wait, Kalman backs it up.

Speaking of Kalman, he spoke with David Backes, the Bruins player who has been the brutal butt end of the joke about Bruins management wasting money on veteran players over 30 after not paying the younger talent. Backes admits that last year was a compressed, confusing mess between moving cities and the World Cup of Coffee, and that he hopes to fot it better this season.

“I don’t know if it’s something to prove. I think it’s more of a focus on playing hockey and being the best hockey player I can,” Backes said. “While I wouldn’t say that wasn’t my focus last year, I also had some peripheral items, changing cities for the first time in 10 years, to take care of. I think those things are taken care of and now we can play hockey and that’s going to be the focus.

Backes might also benefit from a schedule that isn’t being tightened by World Cup of Hockey, like last season, or an Olympic Games.

“I think the schedule not being as compressed lends itself to playing a heavier harder game on a regular basis, where you’re going to have time to recuperate and regenerate in between to go do it again. With a bigger body that likes to play in the hard areas, that time is certainly welcome,” he said.

We’ll see…

Happy Friday!

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