Morning Free Association: Bruins Win Again and Stuff

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Last night, the Bruins played their first preseason game at home against the Detroit Red Wings. While this is a game that doesn’t count at all, these Red Wings are nothing like the teams that made the playoffs for all of modernity (ok, slight exaggeration- only 23 years straight). This tweet by Ty Anderson pretty much sums up the worst of that team:

Still, it did manage to score two goals.

The short and sweet on what happened is also summed up in a tweet by Ty Anderson:

Man, he’s just doing my job for me.

The two things I want to point out specifically were in-game events that had nothing to do with scoring.

Torey Krug was kissed by a biscuit and ended up leaving the game in the second period. There was blood and he didn’t return to the game. It’s possible that the injury is not serious and there was no need for him to play the rest of a meaningless game. Guys, I’m pretty sure that Torey’s made the roster and he’ll be okay. As we were in the car listening to the radio call, Bob Beers said this gem: ” They weren’t looking for any [teeth] on the ice, so that’s good, I guess.” Right after that I learned that Bob Beers played his entire career without losing a tooth- all his teeth are his original adult teeth. Not many hockey players can say that.

We’ll find out more about Krug’s injury today.

The second thing, and really I only want to mention it here and expand upon it more tomorrow, is that the new face-off rule and it’s enforcement is already getting old. I swear I didn’t see a face-off that didn’t result in at least one and more likely both centers being tossed off the dot for encroaching within the circle. It’s freaking annoying.

I’ll wrap it up with some awesomeness from our guys.

Boston native Brian Boyle, now of the NJ Devils, was recently diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia (CML), a cancer of the bone marrow which can be treatable with medication. He hopes to be back this season. Pasta’s tweet of support is one of many from all over the league. Stick taps for a speedy recovery.

This last one stands on it’s own.

When veteran players are excited about the prospects, that’s a good sign.

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