Morning Free Association: Bruins Lose

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Guys, that game was no Bueno. I didn’t pay close attention to it because I was multi-tasking. It seemed like it was a precarious balancing act for about a period and a half, then once that third goal happened, there was no coming back.

Here’s what Torey Krug and Bruce Cassidy had to say about it.

I still maintain that it’s going to be fun watching the young guys and we’re still going to have our growing pains as well. The Bruins next play the second half of the home-and-home and wrap up the season series against the Avalanche in Denver.

One thing I’d like to point out: if Tuukka has been tasked with playing the puck more, we’re going to see more gaffes like this one.

WTF, Tuukka?

Shifting gears for a bit – Bob McKenzie, back to hockey after his summer of margaritas, has the odds on the Calder Trophy winner. Note that there are two young Bruins there, as if we expected anything else. And he has a favorite, or at least one he’d bet on.

With that, I’ll sign off on MFAs for the better part of two weeks. We’ll try to check in from time to time on the road.

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