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I hate to do this to you. It’s mean, maybe even cruel. We have to talk about this latest Haggs narrative.

Maybe latest isn’t the right adjective here since Haggs has been sporting a hate-on for Tuukka Rask for a while because it’s effortless and we all know how much Haggs likes the low-hanging fruit.

Man, insulting Haggs is just that easy.

Currently Rask is out with a concussion suffered when Anders Bjork collided with him during a morning skate last week. He is said to be progressing well through the protocol and may be available to start on Saturday against the Kings. However, this injury has not stopped Joe Haggerty from feeding his narrative that Anton Khudobin should be pushing Tuukka Rask to perform better, even threatening to take over the starting job.

A deeper question, however, would involve asking how much longer the Bruins want to hitch their wagons to a $7 million a year goalie that needs to mentally recharge his batteries from time to time, and who begins to wilt performance-wise if he makes more than 55-60 start in an NHL season. Members of the Rask Fan Club will point to his career .922 save percentage, but it’s been three years since he’s been able to consistently reach that level of performance.

The older Rask, 30, gets, the more baggage is getting added on with a performance level that’s dropped from his Vezina Trophy-winning days. Some of that is clearly about the defense getting a makeover in front of him, but it’s also about Rask just not always being as consistently good when Boston needs him most in the big games.

Khudobin certainly wouldn’t be the long-term answer for the Bruins, and the jury is out on whether or not Zane McIntyre has a future in the NHL as a goalie. So there’s no long-term solution if they suddenly decided to go away from Rask for any reason. But if this humble hockey writer was coaching the Bruins and Khudobin goes on a winning tear over the next few weeks? A healthy Rask wouldn’t automatically be handed his No. 1 workload upon his return, and it would be a couple of goalies splitting time to decide who wants it more.

Humble hockey writer, that’s rich!

His articles have neither nuance nor depth and he actually believes he’s awesome. What an ass.

In an article yesterday morning, Haggs seems disappointed that Dobby’s play Saturday night against the Sabres didn’t seal the deal for his story.

It seems that every few months we have to endure this crap and remind ourselves of what Tuukka Rask is: he’s a good goalie who can play great. Yes, sometimes he fails to play to his level but so does the rest of the team. It’s far too early to count him out, pretend that Khudobin will outp[lay him or to even say what Zane McIntyre is or isn’t at the NHL level.

Still, I will give Haggs credit here for not giving in to this:

No, just no.

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