Morning Free Association: 12 Dads A Cheering

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Saturday’s game was a messy one with the return of questionable and retaliatory hits, and facial cross-checks (looking at you Shayne Gostisbehere) and that was just those on Marchy. Everyone’s least favorite NO GOAL even made an appearance on each team, being traded mid-game between the Bruins and Flyers.Still the Bruins were able to leave Philly with a resounding win.

As discussed in the game thread on Saturday, this is the Father’s Trip with many of the player’s dads joining them on the road to spend some time together. During the hectic hockey season it can be difficult to schedule family time outside of the Christmas break. And of course, the dads get to catch some game action.

I can only imagine all of these guys down on that stretch of Broadway with all the bars and touristy honky Tonks in Nashville because that’s where they all are. I hope all the dads get matching stetsons and boots with their sons.

Catch that game, Bruins at Preds, tonight!

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