Game Day Thread: Bruins at Sabres

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Tonight’s matchup is a tale of two teams who couldn’t be more different. The Boston Bruins, whose prospects are beginning to ripen and payoff, have been in a rebuild-on-the-fly for the past two seasons and currently are camped out in third in the Atlantic with a five point pad between them and the next team from Montreal. The Buffalo Sabres, which is led by the second overall pick of the 2015 NHL Entry Draft, has been in a rebuild for years, without much success. At this moment, they are worst in the east, but hold four points over the league worst Arizona Coyotes.

When last the two teams met in October, Buffalo won the game in overtime after the Bruins coughed up a lead. At that time, the B’s had just reached critic mass with injuries and had to play without David Krejci. Tonight, the B’s will also play without Krejci but the injury situation, and overall performance of the team, has greatly improved.




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