Morning Free Association: Where the Buffalo Nope

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We could talk about last night’s game, which was scoreless for much of the time, a one-score game for quite a bit longer, and scary while the Bruins started out the third period flat. It is the second game of a back-to-back, so I get it but, c’mon!

Before we get to it, we really should address Wes McCauley’s latest:

That guy should never ever stop. He’s like Laurence Olivier on the ice.

Laurence Olivier


Kevan Miller did some punchisizing with Eric Zach Bogosian. Have you tried it, it’s a pretty great workout.

No one scores a goal ever in the first period of this game.


Well into the period, Jake DeBrusk takes on the biscuit challenge and succeeds.


The teams play a game of “Who wants to but doesn’t really want to score?” The Bruins end up losing this challenge during the sequence that involved Pride of Rhode Island™ Noel Acciari blocking a shot and Tim Schaller peeling off a bank shot on the empty net one the other end of the ice. It’s almost as though he remembered the one scored against them last week by the Caps and he said, “Hold my beer, I got this.”

With under a minute to go, David Backes wants his shot on the empty net. His first try sailed wide of the vacated net. But David is a “try, try again” kind of fellow and assisted by Riley Nash and Danton Heinen, who kept the puck live while the six Buffalo defenders guarded their goal, David succeeded in getting his fourth of the year (all since the return from surgery). Seriously, if you’re having a sucky year, consider having 10 inches of your colon removed and maybe everything will be better.

I couldn’t find a gif of that last goal, but please do enjoy this one in it’s stead.

Oh yeah, and Dobby was great!

Bruins win, get a day off then return to home ice for the listing Winnipeg Jets.

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