Morning Free Association: Progress, I Guess

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Full disclosure: I didn’t watch the game last night. Instead we went to see The Shape of Water which was a love story as told by Guillermo del Toro. We liked it. Anyway, we decided to sacrifice ourselves so that the Bruins could win. If only we hadn’t checked on the game after the movie was over, or listened on the radio on the way home, or turned on the game when we got home. Sorry, guys.

Apparently the Cubs and their elders have continued their progress on Operation: Score on Holtby.

David Backes scored his sixth goal on the season, all since he’s returned from his colon surgery.

He’s never going to win a footrace but he can be in the right spot to chip it in. 1-0, Bruins at 1:23.

Then, less than a minute later, Pride of Rhode Island™ Noel Acciari scores one of his own.

Only Bruins are allowed to score in the first in this game, 2-0.

The second period was a different, unlikable story. Only the Caps could score with goals by Lars Eller and Alex Ovechkin. Boo! All tied up, 2-2.

The third period was a time for anyone to score. So, David Backes thought it was time for another one.

Then former Bruin Brett “Dog Years” Connolly tied it up again. 3-3.

No one scored in overtime and it took a shootout to figure this out. Everyone looked gassed, their shot attempts limp. Except for Ovi. He lifted it over Dobby’s glove side shoulder. That would do it.

Bruins got a point, which is something they haven’t got from a Caps matchup in a while. For some reason Torey Krug was not on the ice for the end of the third or OT. Everything I read indicated that he had a tough night.

Bruins next take on the Senators again on Saturday.

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