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Here we are at the end of August in the content dry zone. We’re not talking about Artemi Panarin because that situation looks dead. We have that extra left shooting defenseman we’ve been looking for but we could always use an extra forward who can give us that balance between the really young guys and the grizzled veterans. So Ty Anderson from the digital side of 98.5 The Sports Hub has a suggestion: trade for Tyler Seguin.


Honestly, there have been murmurs this summer about this very idea. And it’s not a terrible idea, if you think that he’s going to produce. There isn’t a reason why he shouldn’t. In Cassidy’s offense, Seguin would likely thrive.

Apparently, Seguin’s contract talks are not going well with Dallas and he would like to play the season without worrying about contract details, much like Artemi Panarin has already stated and like John Tavares did last season.

Seguin is still on the last year of that extension that he signed with Boston in September 2012, making $5.75 million per season. For this final season, Seguin still has a modified no trade clause for which he submits a 15 team trade list. Would Boston be on that list? Maybe?

Firstly, Boston was one of the best teams last season, pushing all season to get to the playoffs. One would assume that with Peter Chiarelli ruining running the Oilers and writing screenplays like “Crazy Rich Asians”, that any issues he might have had with him wouldn’t interfere with a return.

And Ty ty has matured. from Anderson’s article:

“I think [Seguin] has made himself to be a very good player, and he’s accountable in every situation,” Hitchcock said after that visit to Boston, which ended with a beautiful overtime goal that saw Seguin deke around everyone. “He’s really matured. I think he’s a guy that we don’t even worry about anymore. Everyone talked about, “Can you make him a one?” Well, quite frankly, he’s a one, and he’s playing like a one… He’s killing penalties, he’s out there taking key faceoffs, he’s quarterbacking the power play, and he’s playing against the other team’s best player. To me, that’s what a one does, and that’s exactly what he’s doing.”

This is the on-ice growth that the Bruins were not willing to go through with Seguin at that price point. As for the off-ice growth, perhaps living in the shadow of JerryWorld has allowed Seguin to still be the Seguin of old — with concerns and stories of his Boston days that were somehow both true and heavily exaggerated — without anybody knowing.

The tricky part is shedding the salary in the other direction. David Backes is probably the first name that pops into everyone’s head. The salaries are just about even and Backes might not fit so easily into this season’s Bruins lines. Anderson also suggests David Krejci could be sent to Dallas in return.

So, what do you think? Is it time to bring him back or is this just crazy talk?

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Oh good lord, why can’t we ever get over a trade in this town? Where does it end?
Should we bring Phil Kessel back?
How ’bout Joe Thornton?
Ray Bourque could really help this team!
Espo would be a bigger help than Seguin.
We should bring back Ken Dryden.


My first class of the semester begins Tuesday, so hockey can’t be far away. My work is denying my tuition reimbursement which pisses me off and makes me feel very undervalued considering my contributions around here. The CIO is supposedly going to bat for me but HR seems adamant to not pay out. It’s like 2000 bucks here for the entire year, not a freaking princely sum.

At least this class is at 8pm instead of 10pm like my last one. That was a bit uncool some nights.


10PM? Geez, that’s ridiculous.
I’m usually all for a 24×7 society, but not something that requires 20 people to travel to meet for.

Long-Winded Striped Mofo
Long-Winded Striped Mofo

Hey Pals!
Sure, Seguin would be great, but I think Dallas might want proper compensation. Okay, dog days.
Yesterday’s triathlon – a round of disc golf (title regained!), paddle around a lake with my youngest (he on paddle board with dog), and a good skate reffing a free flowing game.
Jo is winging her way to Miami (and, boy, are her arms tired!) and I will be very focused on work while she’s away. I couldn’t even type that with a straight face.
Coffee!! Long windedness is back!!!!! Can hockey be far behind????

The London Bear
The London Bear

Dallas might want proper compensation

That’s a good point. They’ll want McAvoy or Pasta as part of any deal, surely