Morning Free Association: Grittmas Eve

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You win some, you lose some, even in the same weekend of back-to-back games heading into the Grittmas Break.

Yes, all NHL players get the next three days off to celebrate the newest, most endearing NHL mascot, Gritty.

Hey, you know he’s made it when the New Yorker, yes that New Yorker that everyone gets a subscription to at some point then never reads, profiled him to their erudite readership.

Okay, okay the season is about more than that. It’s about giving. Like PK Subban and Tom Brady did in their mutual admiration of each other.

I just love how excited Subban is for this like he is in just about every aspect of his life.

PK Subban was missing from the Predators lineup on Saturday when they took on the Bruins in Boston. That worked out well for the Bruins, who welcomed back one Patrice Bergeron from his injury. Patrice wanted to thank everyone for all the well-wishes by scoring two goals on a four-point night and a solid win.

As for yesterday’s game…

Well, maybe we should not talk about that. I can say there is one lasting shot that pretty much sums it up:

The Bruins didn’t lose yesterday because they didn’t play yesterday.

Merry Christmas!

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Morning, hockey pals!

if you haven’t received your secret santa gift yet, you can assume it came from me, because i remembered yesterday, and bought it online. You’re looking at a week or two delay. Sorry, pal, I’m having a rough December!


I’d forgotten this was a Monday.
Good morning, folks!

Who told the Bruins that they only had to play for 10 minutes yesterday?

Great job!
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Merry Christmas

The London Bear
The London Bear

Hey folks,

Since the Whalers aren’t in the league, that result doesn’t count, right?

Hope everyone has a Great Grittmas, however you’re marking the occasion. Keep it Gritty!

Satan 81's Sister
Satan 81's Sister

Morning all. Brass Bonanza is going to haunt my dreams.

Hope you all have a wonderful Grittsmas!comment image